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our terroirs

A terroir is something unique in the world. It is something that has been shaped by time and seasons and is molded by the hard work of farmers and craftsmen. Centuries of tradition and family secret recipes have shaped the unique regional know-how that lies within producing Foie Gras. This craft cannot be improvised, it is an heirloom passed-on from generation to generation in the respect of the land and produce that has honored and made the region proud.
This passion, theses traditions and the respect of hard work are shown and protected through various labels such as PGI, AOC or PDO which certify the origin and techniques used to prepare superior products.


Filled with traditions and thousand years of cooking savoir-faire, Gascony stands in the South of France, from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pyrenees Mountains, following the Garonne River. Through the diversity of its environment, the region generously provides an outstanding cultural and gastronomic heritage with products such as Foie Gras, duck breast, capons, Duroc pork, Noir de Bigorre pork, Armagnac and many more. Gascony bestows a sweet life to whoever looks for healthy and quality culinary products. Locals praise its gastronomy for their longevity and joie de vivre.

Products of excellence

The « Terroirs du Chef » teams spend their days interacting with local farmers and artisans in search of authentic exceptional products, created in the utmost respect of the traditional and ancestral know-how. It is thanks to this never-ending quest for quality that we are able to offer you the best products in the region Foie Gras, pigeons, black and brown porks, game or regional spirits such as Armagnac. Whether it is around vines, in a farm, in a winery or in a production workshop, we forge deep connections with farmers and craftsmen whom are passionate and proud of their work and the heritage it represents. It is thanks to these special bonds that we can insure the quality of our products, and it is also what enables us to create and develop new products, recipes, packaging or even a new line.