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Les Terroirs du Chef are always looking for authentic exceptional products, raised, fed and/or transformed by passionate farmers and craftsmen in the utmost respect of the traditional and ancestral know-how. It is thanks to this neverending quest for quality that the teams of Les Terroirs du Chef spend their days interacting with local farmers and artisans not only in the French terroirs but also internationally.


Les Terroirs du Chef are proud to present to you Allary, the 2018 Gold Medal winner at the Paris International Agricultural Show. Oyster farmers for more than 50 years, Allary is a family business producing The Caramoun oyster, from the Mediterranean Sea. This oyster melts in the mouth (with hazelnut and sugary notes) and has a very reflective pearly white interior.

Allary is structured around 6 parks with at least 4 tables each producing an average of 150 tons per year, allowing them to supply the highest quality oysters throughout the year.

Les Terroirs du Chef is the exclusive distributor of Allary.

Should you have any question, or should you like to speak with us, please send us a message at à contact@lesterroirsduchef.com . Notre équipe fera le nécessaire pour vous répondre rapidement.