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According to article 6 of Act n°2004-575 from June 21st 2004 for the trust in the Digital Economy, users of https://www.lesterroirsduchef.com have access to the identity of the various stakeholders in the creation and monitoring of the website:



Company registered under the number 83819694700017 and European VAT number FR0483819694700017 with a registered capital of 50,000.00 euros.
36 Avenue Jean Lannes, 32700 Lectoure, Gers, France
Acknowledged by the French customs as registered exporter under the FR83819694700017 and FRREX20183464 but also as a licensed alcohol owner and distributer under the FR017002N4572.

Designer: Prodigima – Audiovisual Production Company – Toulouse – prodigima.com
Publication manager: Boris Semat – contact@lesterroirsduchef.com
Webmaster: Elodie Bransolle – Prodigima – contact@prodigima.com
Hosting provider: OVH – 2 rue Kellermann – 59100 Roubaix – France


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Photography: Fréderic Maligne & Arnaud Joste
Graphic design: Michel Regy
Website: Prodigima – Société de production audiovisuelle – Toulouse
Terms and conditions written by RAVINA-THULLIEZ-RAVINA & Associés – 10 Boulevard d’Arcole – 31015 Toulouse, France – for SAS LES TERROIRS DU CHEF.

Privacy policy

Personal information is defined as “all information that enable, in any form, directly or not, to identify the natural person related to them” (article 4 of Act n°78-17 from January 6th, 1978 of the French common law)
In France, private data are notably protected by the following laws: Act n° 78-87 from January 6th, 1978, Act n° 2004-801 from August 6th, 2004, article L. 226-13 of the Penal code and the European Directive of October 24th, 1995.

The public part of the website www.lesterroirsduchef.com can be browsed by web users without any identification requirement.

In the case where the user registers on www.lesterroirsduchef.com or get in contact with SAS Les Terroirs du Chef (via email, phone, fax or mail), the private data transmitted will be the subject of a digital treatment for communication purposes. The data will stay confidential and will in no way be communicated to any third party.
The website user will be able to access/edit/delete these data anytime through an explicit demand to SAS Les Terroirs du Chef. The user entering their private data is thus doing it knowingly.

As a result of the website use, some data regarding the browsing can be collected: the URL of the links used by the user to access to the website, the internet provider of the user, the anonymized Internet Protocole (IP) address.

In accordance with the provisions of article 38 and seq. in Act 78-17 from January 6th 1978 (edited by Act n°2004-801 from August 6th 2004on Information technology and Civil Liberties, every user has the right to access, rectify and oppose any private information related to them, whatever collection method enabled SAS Les Terroirs du Chef to hold these. The user only has to send their demand by email to contact@lesterroirsduchef.com or by mail to SAS Les Terroirs du Chef, 36 Avenue Jean Lannes, 32700 Lectoure, France.

No private information of the users of www.lesterroirs duchef.com is published without consent of the user, nor is it exchanged, transferred, given or sold on any third party medium.

The databases are protected by the provisions of Act dated July 1st, 1998 transposing European Directive 96/9 dated March 11th, 1996 relative to the legal protection of database.


Cookie usage

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Refusing to install a cookie may lead to the impossibility to access some services. However, the user can configure their computer to refuse installation of cookies, as follows:

With Chrome

Click on top right of the web browser on the menu image (a picture of three horizontal lines)
Select “Settings”
Click on “Advanced Settings”
Under “privacy and security” choose what settings to turn off.

With Firefox

On top of the web browser, click on the ” Firefox ” button then go on tab ” Options “
Click on the “Privacy&Security” tab
Go to the Cookies and Site Data section.
Select “Block cookies and site data”

With Safari

Click on the menu pictogram in the upper right of the web browser (symbolized by a wheel pictogram)
Click “Preferences”
Click “Privacy” and select “Block all cookies”

With Internet Explorer

Open « Settings » (wheel pictogram on the upper right of the screen)/ Internet options
Click on “Privacy settings”
Under “Privacy and Security” choose what settings to turn off.

Liability limitation

The user consents to use the website www.lesterroirsduchef.com with recent hardware and software, virus-free and with an updated web browser. Les Terroirs du Chef is not liable for any potential material damages for the user while accessing the website.

The website is normally accessible anytime of the week and on all medium (desktop or mobile) enabling to display websites. However, Les Terroirs du Chef will not be liable of any damage resulting from a temporary downtime or incompatibility with some media. The web user is welcome to signal any incident to Les Terroirs du Chef. We will make sure to investigate these potential problems and look for a quick resolution of the problem.

Les Terroirs du Chef will not be liable for any indirect damage caused by the use of the website, such as for example a market loss or a loss of opportunity.


Update of the legal notices

As the site web is being updated regularly, so are the terms and conditions if needed: The newest version of these terms and conditions are rules and the user is invited to take note of them as often as needed and have a good knowledge of them.