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  • Our products are all coming from French agriculture and local craft as proven by the certifications IGP, AOC and AOP. All meat in our products are from certified French origin.
  • These elements are confirmed by the status granted to the company by the French customs (Authorized exporter, Registered exporter and Authorized warehouse-keeper)

Freshness and Packaging

  • Our cuts are commercialized through vacuum packaging enabling to stop the meat’s maturation and “fix” the quality of the meat, assuring this way an optimum freshness and quality.
  • Our products other than cuts are commercialized through paper packaging (only for full ham on the bone), in jars, in cans or in bottles. These packaging enable a longer storage.
  • The minimal expiry date are 12 days for our cuts and 2 years for our jars and cans.


  • Two profiles are available on the website : Clients (private individuals) and Business (professionals)
  • Each profile follows different Terms & Conditions as well as different prices and transportation and delivery conditions

Terms & Conditions

Order Taking

  • In order to guarantee an optimum freshness and an expiration date as long as possible, meats will be cut and vacuum packaged after your order. As we are using cold cut, this preparation will be achieved in a time line between 48h and 72h and only three days a week.

Shipping and delivery

We send our package or pallets in Europe and in Asia.


  • All our shipping are done under controlled temperatures assured by the company or by ChronoFresh


  • Professionals
    • Particular conditions regarding the shipping and the delivery of our products will be agreed and signed by both parties before any shipping.
  • Private individuals

We are using isothermal boxes certified for pharmaceutical products shipping. Additionally, our packages are accompanied by cold packs specific to food items, guaranteeing the maintenance of a cold chain during the duration of the shipping.

Delivery address

  • When completing your order, you will need to precise the delivery address: it can be your home address, your neighbour’s address or your work address for example.

Delivery period and transporters

  • Delivery is executed by specialized transporters under 24 to 48h in Europe and 72h in Asia.


Payment means accepted :
  • VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Apple Pay, Android Pay, SEPA and Alipay.
Private individuals
  • Payment will be asked during the order
  • A quote request from a professional will trigger the beginning of discussions between both parties to establish the specific terms and conditions ruling the relation between SAS Les Terroirs du Chef and the company.


  • Prices will be indicated only after signing up on the website as private individual or professionals.
  • The professionals pricing can only be used as an indicative pricing as it applies for order of small quantities in France and include transportation.
    • Specific price applied to each professional client will be established during the redaction of the specific terms and conditions ruling the relation between SAS Les Terroirs du Chef and the company.

Problem at delivery or non-conformity of goods

  • If ever at delivery, the original packaging of a product is broken, torn or open, the Client (private individual or professionals) must verify the condition of the articles. If they have been damaged; the buyer must imperatively refuse the package and write his damage claim on the delivery receipt (package refused as opened or damaged). The Client will then have to formulate a complaint at SAS Les Terroirs du Chef.
  • If the Client (private or professionals) notes a situation of non-conformity of goods in nature or quantity compared to the indications of the order form, the Client will have to formulate a complaint at SAS Les Terroirs du Chef.


  • Any claim will need to be formulated the very day of the delivery or latest the first day open for business after the delivery. The claim will have to be supported by photographs and a detailed description of the problem/error. The Client is requested to keep the order as in case of identified and verified error, the goods can be claimed back by SAS Les Terroirs du Chef in their entirety and their original packaging (the return and exchange fees would be at the expense of SAS Les Terroirs du Chef).
  • For more information, please consult our Terms and Conditions.